Contra Costa Comets Athletics

Contra Costa College 2600 Mission Bell Dr. San Pablo, CA. 94806 (510)215-4801

Welcome to the home of the Comets!

Contra Costa College is a great place for students who want the total college experience the best in education and intercollegiate athletics. Because at CCC, we value education and community.

Contra Costa College is committed to promoting academic excellence for all students. Academic Success by student athletes is considered more important and valuable to the College than winning records for competitive teams. Thus, the latter may be sacrificed if the former is in jeopardy.

Contra Costa College is still providing Academic and Athletic courses yet due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic All CCCAA 2020-2021 Athletic competition has been moved to Spring 2021. 

Now that we are approaching the start of a new semester there are some new adjustments to consider when returning to campus and picking up where we left off. Currently, Contra Costa County remains in the purple tier limiting our ability to meet in a face to face manor along with the limitations of training due to our limited access of facilities. I’ve created a detailed documents that is designed to be distributed to students and their families to help answer questions they my have prior to coming to our campus. In the mean time, lets set up zoom meeting with each induvial team to assist with the baselining process for Healthy roster, Physicals, COVID testing, Concussion Baseline testing, and insurances. This process is time consuming and necessary before students are to being participation for their sport. I appreciate your patients as this has been a stressful process for everyone.